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Edwin Böck, Leif Persson, Leif Andersson


Tell us about your team; who are you and where do you come from?

We are a Swedish snowflow team with a lot of flow...mostly! In 2019 Edwin will celebrate as the Head of the Team 25 years of great and wonderful experience all around the world.

Team History

How long have you worked together? What are your team’s greatest achievements?

We have moved many tons of snow in the last 25 years and got many jury and artist prizes during the years... Leif has joined the the team in 2014 and Lars 2001.

We are double Swedish champions 1996 and 2007 in snow sculpture Kirunafestivalen Lappland. During the last 20 years our team has won the 1st awards and received other prizes in the several snow festivals around the world. For example "4wheel drive" got 2. Jury prize in Breckenbridge USA 2017 and "Smart lives" 1. Jury prize in Whitehorse Canada 2015.

About Snow Sculpting

How did you end up carving snow and what is best in snow sculpting?

Edwin had worked with sculpture since the beginning of the ‘80s and wanted to get more experience with other materials than the classics like stone, wood and metal. It’s a difference to move 30 tons of granit or snow...

To be at new places meet new people and have a lot of fun with a changing climate!

Baltic Snow Call?!

What do you expect from Baltic Snow Call?

Good snow... good company and cold weather!

Website address

Edwin's website