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Carlos Miguel Ramirez Pereyra, Israel Magaña Rodriguez, Javier Gutierrez Fuentes


Tell us about your team; who are you and where do you come from?

Our team comes from a HOT state of Western Mexico on the central Pacific coast named Colima, which is the fourth smallest state in Mexico and has the smallest population (800,000) and is also called "The city of the palm trees".

Team History

How long have you worked together? What are your team’s greatest achievements?

Carlos, the team captain started snow sculpting in 2008 as a hobby in Breckenridge, Colorado, USA and has carved with 74 different team mates 33 monumental art pieces and visiting 16 countries, working with snow, ice, sand, hay and corn and achieved 23 awards so far.

Israel and Carlos had teamed before (among others) carving 2 monumental ice sculptures in Harbin, China and 2 snow sculptures, one in china and one in Canada.

Javier is the brand new 2019 addition to team Colima, he is a famous mexican spartan race participant, owner & manager of the first gym mexican franchise.


2010 Autel au Dieu Quetzalcoatl
International Snow Sculpture Championship, Breckenridge, USA
1.- Bronze medal
2011 Alebrije
International Snow Sculpture Championship, Breckenridge, USA
2.- Gold Medal
2016 Kukulkán
Sculpture sur paille et foin, Valloire, FR
4.- 1er Prix du Jury
5.- Prix des jeunes
6.- Prix du public
7.- Prix des internautes
8.- Prix des artistes
2017 Serendipity in Canada
Carnaval du Quebec, Canada
9.- Mention des artistes
2017 El Dios del maíz
1er Concurso internacional de esculturas monumentales de paja y maíz, Colima, Mexico
10.- 1st Place
11.- Kids choice
12.- Public´s choice
13.- Internet selection
14.- Artist´s choice
2017 El alacrán
Sculpture sur paille et foin, Valloire, France
15.- Prix des jeunes

2017 The Golden Shaman
7th International Ice Assemblage Sculpture Championship, Harbin, China
16.- Honor award
2018 The Jaguar
32nd International ice sculpture competition, Harbin, China
17.- Honor award
2018 The serpent man
23th International Snow Sculpture Competition, Harbin, China  
18.- Honor award
19.- Excellence award
2018 El Chaman alado
2do Concurso internacional de esculturas monumentales de paja y maíz, Colima, Mexico
20.- 1st Place
21.- Public´s choice
22.- Internet selection
23.- Artist´s choice

About Snow Sculpting

How did you end up carving snow and what is best in snow sculpting?

Carlos started in 2008 when studying Architecture degree invited by a faculty teacher named "Pablo David Elias Lopez" who happens to be selected and worked as a team until 2011 when win Gold medal in Breckenridge, after that he start looking for different countries to participate and always inviting different friends and artists who wants to join the "cold adventure".

After traveling heavily during the past years and getting to know the warmest people in the coldest places, the hobby became an addiction and a yearly goal we had to hard work to afford.

Baltic Snow Call?!

What do you expect from Baltic Snow Call?

We as a team expect to win the 2019 Gold medal of course! Ha ha ha... Not joking! (or yes?) Seriously talking.... We only expect to add a few names to our list of BFF :)


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