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Team Norway


Elisabeth Kristensen, Ida Nove Canon, Silja Skoglund


Tell us about your team; who are you and where do you come from?

Elisabeth is from Kautokeino/Alta, in the Norwegian arctic. She has Samibackground, carving snow for 12 years. Ida is an artist from Oslo, educated from Tasmania, carved snow since 2008. Silja is glass blower with store in Tromsø.

Team History

How long have you worked together? What are your team’s greatest achievements?

Elisabeth and Ida have worked together several times, both of us are prize winning sculptors. Our biggest achievement together was the realization of Ice adventure in Kautokeino. For our third member Silja this will be her first snow carving experience.

About Snow Sculpting

How did you end up carving snow and what is best in snow sculpting?

Coincidence. The best part is that snow is made from the same materials 70 % of our body's, water. And we are all bound together in our need for water.

Baltic Snow Call!?

What do you expect from Baltic Snow Call?

A good time!

Image Gallery


Elisabeth has been doing also some serious sand sculpting!Elisabeth has been doing also some serious sand sculpting!