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Team Latvia


Zigmunds Vilnis, Ilze Ieva Vilne, Edmunds Krūms


Tell us about your team; who are you and where do you come from?

We are Team Interesnow from Latvia. Zigmunds has been working with seasonal sculptures since end of 80's and Ilze from her childhood with Zigmunds. Ilze also took part in children contests in Latvia and Russia. Edmunds has been working with us since last season.

Team History

How long have you worked together? What are your team’s greatest achievements?

This team has been working together about 2 years.

Our team’s greatest achievements are from the last winter:
2. prize in International snow contest in San-Vigilio (Italy), 2017.
3. prize in International snow contest in San-Candido (Italy), 2017.

About Snow Sculpting

How did you end up carving snow and what is best in snow sculpting?

This team has been working also with other seasonal arts like sand and fire sculptures. Snow is good material for playing with lights and shadows.

Baltic Snow Call!?

What do you expect from Baltic Snow Call?

Positive emotions!

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