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Origins of Baltic Snow Call

Posted 13/11/2017

Dream big

Here is our story about the backgrounds of the Baltic Snow Call event. Find out how this all started and what steps we had before getting at this point.

At Nallikari, March 2016. Photo by Anna Koivukangas.At Nallikari, March 2016. Photo by Anna Koivukangas.

Big in Japan 2015

The raw idea of Baltic Snow Call was born at Sapporo Snow Festival 2015. After the success of Finnish, Italian and Polish teams at International Snow Sculpting Contest, we considered new ideas of co-operation at international level. There wasn’t any international snow event for Baltic Sea region, although countries of our area had thrived at sculpting contests all around the globe. So, we solemnly raise toasts for our success, friendship and something new about to come in the future.

European teams thrived at Sapporo Snow Festival 2015. Photo by Rasha Said.European teams thrived at Sapporo Snow Festival 2015. Photo by Rasha Said.

National Championships & Winter Yogas 2016

Couple of years ago Ikitalvi organised Snow sculpting National Championships at Vihti, Finland. The contest was a success and it brought our union a lot of new sculptors from all around our country. The event got some unexpected international colour from Mexico, as the mexican sculptor Carlos Ramirez Miquel Perreira participated the event with his sculpture “Quetzacoatl”. This gave us more belief, that a Finnish sculpting event might be noticed also at international level.

At the end of the winter Ikitalvi’s ambassadors visited Oulu’s Nallikari beach for winter yoga and relaxing. The arctic atmosphere and the beautiful landscape gave us a powerful experience and an urge to create some winter art at these scenes. After a deep planning sessions Anna from Ikitalvi met some of the local company’s and entrepreneurs that worked at the Nallikari area. Quite soon we noticed, that our interests might go well together and decided to arrange some artistic winter action for next season.

#LumiKAAOS & SnowSymposium 2017

Our first co-operative snow sculpting action with Nallikari folks saw the daylight in February 2017, when Anna runned a snow sculpting workshop called #LumiKAAOS (eng. snow chaos). During one weekend a group of young people made a snow sculpture complex for Nallikari Winter Village. Visitors were interested to see new kind like action in Winter village and this functional sculpture “Arctic playground” was used intensively by children throughout the winter season.

At March SnowSymposium -carving event called sculptors of Ikitalvi to a laid-back winter fun at Nallikari Winter Village. We timed this event in a way, that most of the contests were already competed and the artists could carve from pure joy. Altogether nineteen sculptors all around Finland created six snow statues and a wall relief in just two and a half days. The weather was magical, atmosphere relaxed and everybody had fun. During the weekend Winter Village got a lot of visitors; there was husky and reindeer rides, sledding and all sorts of winter activities to all ages. Our sculptors and hosts noticed the potential in our co-operation and the base for Baltic Snow Call was casted.

Ikitalvi SnowSymposium at Nallikari 2017.Ikitalvi SnowSymposium at Nallikari 2017.

Since last spring we’ve worked with Nallikari operatives for our brand new winter event to come and next February will bring it to life. We see a high-class contest, with experienced participants coming up. Come to see yourself how the top sculptors turn the three-metered snow cubes to Arctic Sculpture Park!

–Janne Andberg & Anna Koivukangas, Baltic Snow Call