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Not only winter feelings and frozen sea!

Posted 15/1/2018

One of our partners, Break Sokos Hotel Eden is not all winter! It is an oasis in the middle of snowy landscape. Spa hotel, which is located next to the seaside. When the palm trees slowly sways inside, you can enjoy frozen scenery outside. If you are brave enough, you can also swim in a outdoor pool. But most important thing for us: BSC Opening brief for sculptors is held in Eden. Not under a palm tree, but in a very nice meeting room.

Kati from Eden says hello and tells more about Break Sokos Hotel Eden:

"At our hotel, you can have a good time and get refreshed, or just relax and rest – whatever is your preferred way to enjoy the best time of your life! You can enjoy the peaceful seaside scenery and watch the beautiful sunset – here you are right at the source of fresh new energy.

In the spa, you can have wild fun or take it easy. Just dive in and enjoy – the style is free! Delicious food cheers you up! Restaurant Maisema sets up delicious breakfast every morning. In the evening you can pamper yourself with servings from our á la carte menu. The great seaside scenery opening from our restaurant tops off any meal" says Kati from Eden.

Welcome to Break Sokos Hotel Eden in Oulu, right next to sea shore!

P.S. You can easily book your room here!