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Nallikari – Island full of fun also during the winter time!

Posted 7/12/2017

While waiting for big news, let's take a look to Nallikari, the location of the Baltic Snow Call event.

Discover how Nallikari has developed over time, who got an idea of the Nallikari Winter Village and what kind of activities you can find from that beautiful area of Oulu seaside nowadays.

Winter time at Nallikari beach. Photo by Ulla Anttila.Winter time at Nallikari beach. Photo by Ulla Anttila.

Nallikari has been known as a summer holiday resort for centuries – long ago wealthy citizen from Oulu moved to Nallikari and Hietasaari to spend their summer in the area. Hietasaari Island was a lively summer destination: summer villas and sandy beaches were full of action from June to August. During the winter time Nallikari was more and less quiet - only the fishermen on the frozen sea.

Year-around accommodation started in the middle of the 1980s. Spa hotel Eden was built and Nallikari Holiday Village got its own year-around cottages. Slowly people found their way to Nallikari also outside the summer season.

A little piece of mind. Photo by Anna Koivukangas 2017.A little piece of mind. Photo by Anna Koivukangas 2017.

Winter outdoor life by the sea was quiet, but during the spring, people from Oulu spent their time on the ice of the frozen sea skiing, ice fishing and just walking along the shore. Nallikari needed some more action! Vauhtipuisto’s (amusement park) director Kalle Komulainen got an idea of Nallikari Winter Village – a place full of fun and action for families from February to April. First Winter Village was built in 2008. The first winter was a success story and started Nallikari area’s use also during the winter time.

Year by year Nallikari Winter Village’s team learned more about building from snow and ice and also it got more activities every year. Nallikari Winter Village redeemed its place as a winter activity park for families – also for tourists and company events. Nallikari Winter Village has been the venue for many events, such as Nallikari Winter Beach Volley, Tour de Liukuri, Puppet theatre, Snowman competition, Reindeer driving CUP, winter golf etc.

The year 2016 Nallikari Holiday Village made 24 new high-quality Villas and Oulu Safarit safari company started their programme services on the ice stronger than ever. Tour operators mainly from Russia and middle Europe started to get interested in the area next to Bothnic Sea and close to city center.

The year 2017 was significant for Winter Village. Winter Village was moved from sea shore closer to the Holiday Village. That was great decision – less windy and sensitive to weather changes. Winter Village was also part of the #LumiKAAOS workshop and Ikitalvi SnowSymposium sculpting events. Snow Sculptors found their way to Nallikari and rest is history!

Never get tired with these sunsets. Photo by Anna Koivukangas 2017.Never get tired with these sunsets. Photo by Anna Koivukangas 2017.

Now Nallikari is more than happy to be a venue for Baltic Snow Call snow sculpting event – and hopefully, there is more to come. Nallikari is an island full of winter fun!

Nallikari Holiday Village

Nallikari Winter Village