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Ms. Marketing Ulla Anttila – On land, at the sea or in the air!

Posted 5/2/2018

TEAM BEHIND THE SCENE – We will proudly present BSC Organisators arbitrary order.

Let's start with Ulla who seems to be everywhere – on land, at the sea or in the air!

Every event has a team, which makes things possible. Organising an event needs special skills in different branches. Somebody has to be responsible of financing, take care of the budget and financial management. There has to be person, who takes care of contest and all the details concernig snow sculpting. And of course, someone is building snow cubes and venue for competition. And for marketing we need also content, visual and web design, and action plan – not to forget media connections and social media posts, photography etc. And one of the main tasks is to find right kind of partners, who makes this whole dream come true.

Ulla Anttila – Ms. Marketing

Ulla has a background from advertising agency and now she's working as an event organiser and consulting companies with their marketing. Ulla has also a huge network in Oulu – you name it, she will find it (no matter if it's up in the sky or deep in the forest).

You never know if she comes by fat bike, viking boat, bare foot or even Catepillar...You never know if she comes by fat bike, viking boat, bare foot or even Catepillar...Ulla works in a company called Eventours, which organises events for companies and also sells Oulu abroad for tourist operators. Eventours is also part of Nallikari Winter Village – location for Baltic Snow Call snow sculpting contest.

Human curling, Aurora hunting, cycling tour with retro Jopo bikes, canoeing trips, orienteering, adventure on the frozen sea...

Eventours brings you a wide selection of travel services designed specifically for groups. Whether you want new experiences, luxury, adventure or just peace and quiet Eventours is the only address you need for your program and activity services. They also arrange restaurants and local transportation when needed.

Ulla’s role in Baltic Snow Call is to take care of marketing and practical arrangements as well as organising program for VIP’s and sculptors, partnership matters, media contacts and press releases, social media, writing content – even a ”handy” woman.

Well, Ulla loves snow – she is from Lapland. As a event organiser, this Baltic Snow Call is a dream come true: an international event in Nallikari. Finally ”real” winter happening in the area with a twist of art of snow! If only we could add telemarking on this….

Ulla at her element at Iso-Syöte mountain – not too far away from Oulu!Ulla at her element at Iso-Syöte mountain – not too far away from Oulu!

Ulla loves a good party. As an event organiser you should stay in a scene whether it is live music, theme party, live artists or what ever you might imagine. She loves to dress for theme parties and have dozen of out fits. You might meet her as cow girl, Santa's little helper, 50's style or even look a like! And with live music she is hopeless - as long the music is live, it is good :) She used to book bands in 90's and seems to know most of them - at least all the musicians, even those who were born in 90's. A good gig makes her smile for a long time. But it is not all music folks, she loves some bubbly too!


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