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Ms. Design Anna Koivukangas – PEACE, LOVE & SNOW SCULPTING!

Posted 19/2/2018

TEAM BEHIND THE SCENE – We will proudly present BSC Organisators arbitrary order.

Lovely Anna – she’s like a film star (although she likes much more to be behind the camera)! She is our master of Design, Queen of marketing materials and an artist. Besides all that she is a mum of a teenage boy, secretary of Ikitalvi Union, a snow sculptor and part of the very fabulous Tuulispäät Snow Sculpting Team. And she won also FINNISH CHAMPIONSHIP this year with her team. What a lady!

But now take a take deeeeep breath before stepping into her world...

Anna Koivukangas – Ms. Design

Past years Anna has found herself more and more often from variety of community and social art projects and she is also a part of the Culture Power Station – Community and Media Art Center in Oulu. Beside her own artistic projects she also makes visual designs and illustrations for the selected customers and describes herself kind of Jack of all trades in the art world.

Diagnose: Carving psychosis

In the winter time you can't really see her; you have to find her from the snow – some of her friends are waiting for a spring to come, they think they will find her then from the last snowdrift. Someone might call her insane but she has decided to save the world by sculpting a snow. Anna's beloved team Tuulispäät, those Northern Windheads, use freezing passion & burning desire as their carving weapons. In their sculptures their aim is to blow them a soul. Sometimes they also manage to melt hearts.

Tuulispäät Snow Sculpting Team from left to right: Katja Dianoff, Anna Koivukangas & Ella Käyhkö.Tuulispäät Snow Sculpting Team from left to right: Katja Dianoff, Anna Koivukangas & Ella Käyhkö.

Encounters & Moments when Art happens

Anna has been working as an artist more than 10 years now. She also has her past as a horse-art-whisperer! She feels connection and friendship with many creatures from different ages & backgrounds, altough she also enjoys her time alone. But when she is not playing in the forest or garden with her imagination friends or riding unicorns she is propably working and doing other things she loves.

Back in the days: A little nap with the ponies during a community art project "LAUMA" (eng. Herd), 2014.Back in the days: A little nap with the ponies during a community art project "LAUMA" (eng. Herd), 2014.

Anna has been teaching arts and running workshops hundreds of hours such as creative drawing, experimental printmaking and snow sculpting – inspiring people to find their own birth-gift-creativeness. Beside all the funny and even silly projects she has been doing also more serious work like in the research project investigating gender-based violence in primary school children’s peer culture. Anyways, there's always a deeper meaning and values which keep her going.

”I am rooted but I flow!”

Anna starts her day with 20 minutes meditation (catching the big fish), a vitamin bomb and a super-smoothie. She has a passion for healthy food, soul-searching and ashtanga yoga, but as a random-wild-party-girl she has experience from beer yoga and hangover yoga as well. The world stays in balance!

Anna's role in BSC is to be an Artistic Director – the one who takes care of the overall impression. What she waits the most from the event is to meet those super sculptors and learn by watching from them. She's also excited of the cooperation with Air Guitar World Championships. She will defenately do her best to make this event memorable seasonal art experience for everyone of us!

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