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Mrs. Finance Sirpa Walter – There's no business like snow business!

Posted 14/2/2018

TEAM BEHIND THE SCENE – We will proudly present BSC Organisators arbitrary order.

In the following we are happy to introduce our Mrs. Finance Angel Sirpa! Let's find out what is her super power & special skill...

Sirpa Walter – Mrs. Finance

Sirpa is a CEO in Nallikari Seaside LTD – and she is a boss in Nallikari Holiday Village. She has been in Nallikari eversince – actually she should be called also Mrs. Nallikari. Sirpa knows everything in the area, has good connections to the City of Oulu and all official sites. She is the voice of Nallikari! Except running a Nallikari Seaside Ltd, she has also many positions in trust. And that’s not all folks – she is a wife and mother of two children with a lots of hobbies. So she must be a somekind of Superwoman – and she really is!

Sirpa’s role in Baltic Snow Call is to negotiate with all the important things – such as financing and partners. She also takes good care of the budget, pays bills and send invoices. And she loves all the figures, telling stories about the business. But she’s not only business – she can do perfect snow angel!

Mrs. Finance out of the office! Photo by Ulla Anttila.Mrs. Finance out of the office! Photo by Ulla Anttila.

Sirpa is extremely happy to have Snow Call in Nallikari. Running a famous summer resort for long time and trying to turn peoples mind, that Nallikari is open also at winter. Winter Village’s 10 years have little by little turned Nallikari a year-around holiday resort – and Baltic Snow Call event is really a turning point! Now Nallikari has its own international winter event.

Nallikari – a year-around holiday resort! Photo by Ulla Anttila.Nallikari – a year-around holiday resort! Photo by Ulla Anttila.

Welcome to Nallikari Holiday Village!