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Mr. Cool Operator Kalle Komulainen – The Man who has all the fun!

Posted 6/2/2018

TEAM BEHIND THE SCENE – We will proudly present BSC Organisators arbitrary order.

Let's continue with Kalle, the man who is playing with gadgets all the summers and winters! This man will never grow big (max 18 to get the license).

Kalle Komulainen – Mr. Cool Operator

Kalle is owner of amusement park Vauhtipuisto and also a village chief in Nallikari Winter Village. Kalle has built with a snow at least ten years. Kalle also has a safari company, which takes groups to different kind of activities. Kalle goes on romantic trips with his wife and the amusement park's equipment is picked up by him on every trip. And beside all of this, he has ice cream kiosks in Nallikari area – such a busy man!

Kalle used to be a nerd, but took the family business to his hands (actually his wife’s hands) and now the whole family works together – even the ”evening star”, who is eight years old. Kalle's beautiful wife Anna is a bedfellow, who takes care of details and put things nicely in order. And Kalle’s mum Anja – she is still selling sausages and coffee in winter village! In the summer time, the Vauhtipuisto employs 14 people and one bunny in addition to the Komulainen family.

Kalle is playing with gadgets all the summers and winters. Kalle is responsible all of the construction work in the contest area. He drives caterpillars, also snowmobiles, has his OWN SNOW CANNON – basicly he has all the fun! Kalle and his little helpers are those, who actually build every snow cube to the sculptors.

Kalle is very excited to have Baltic Snow Call in Nallikari and next to Nallikari Winter Village. He has hoped for some big event, which has something to do with a snow – and now fairy heard his whispered wish!

Nallikari Winter Village