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Master of the Contest & Everything – Janne Andberg!

Posted 24/2/2018


Baltic Snow Call proudly presents BSC Team arbitrary order: Finally it's his time!!!

Janne, he is just f****n' Master of everything. Innovate, powerful person head full of ideas. Maybe he has also a somekind of diagnose for creative things. He is also a snow sculptor – maybe one of the best known in Finland. He knows everybody in that business, has skills for snow sculpting and just a bit crazy as well.

Master of the Contest Janne Andberg

Janne is artisan-designer who works with the movies, events and all kind of arts, especially with snow. And that he has done over 10 years – participating and also organising arctic events. He is a true southern gentleman, who lives with a cat called Gandalf. Does that make him a hobbit? Anyway, Janne works at the moment in the recycling centre, not wandering after a ring.

At summertimes Janne's alter-ego Kukko takes a control of him and he runs a post-apocalyptic tavern at the wastelands of Poland.

Janne’s task is to plan and lead the sculpting contest; set the rules, choose personnel and make the sure that all sculptors can do their art as good as possible. Janne has been working with snow in many ways: running workshops, offering his special knowledge and more. And he has been representing Finland at Sapporo Snow Fest in Japan with his awesome team Ragnarök for three times now with excellent results – also this year when they got a 4th prize!

3 true gentlemen Ragnarök SST from left to right: Arto Manninen, Janne Andberg & Matti Vaskimo.3 true gentlemen Ragnarök SST from left to right: Arto Manninen, Janne Andberg & Matti Vaskimo.

Baltic Snow Call is Janne's dream come true and hee is waiting to see a lot of visitors, happy sculptors and their insanely great snow art. Nice weather would be nice too, says Janne. He believes that  Baltic Snow Call will be the coolest event of this winter and (as always) he is so right!!!