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A letter from Bobby, Oulu's best-known police officer!

Posted 14/1/2018

We have just received a letter from Oulu's best-known police officer – (such a sculptural guy, isn't he!) Bobby already knows you are planning to come to Oulu and now he has a few words to say for you...

Photo: Visit OuluPhoto: Visit Oulu


You are coming to Oulu, my hometown. I have been asked to write about my work and experiences as Oulu’s best-known police officer to inform you about city of Oulu. I’m Bobby, and you will find me in the market square. Pleased to meet you!

I’m quite well aware of everything that goes on in the marketplace. It is busy even in the winter, but the high season usually begins on May Day, when Oulu residents gather together to celebrate spring. People are feeling good, which is always nice to see. Around Christmas, someone usually wraps a winter scarf around my neck. Throughout the year, I’m tempted by the delicious scents from the Market Hall. Let’s just say that I’m very huggable, even in terms of size! In addition to giving me a hug, local residents and visitors usually want one of those selfies with me. There are no language or other barriers around me.

From Oulu's Market place, Bobby's hoods. Photo by Marcos Katz.From Oulu's Market place, Bobby's hoods. Photo by Marcos Katz.

Oulu residents are jovial people – the best people in the world, in my opinion. I love my job so much that I seldom feel the need for a day off. If I took a day off, I would probably spend it on Nallikari and with you Baltic Snow Call guys.

I think I would also enjoy a walk on trough Pikisaari and Hietasaari islands, a beautiful arghipelago of river delta. See all the wooden houses in Pikisaari and enjoy the walking route trough this handicraft area, walk along the bridges to Hietasaari, nature paradise where Nallikari is. See the frozen sea, Nallikari Winter Village and Baltic Snow Call snow sculptings! It would be a break from the busy atmosphere of the marketplace, which I also enjoy. But sadly – I’m stuck here at the Market Place!

Snow-Bobby at Nallikari beach. Photo by Marcos Katz.Snow-Bobby at Nallikari beach. Photo by Marcos Katz.

You will find me in the middle of the city, but the entire Oulu region is definitely worth exploring. Syöte, the southernmost fell area in Finland, with its ski slopes and services, is located only a short distance from here. Other examples include the natural environments shaped by the Ice Age in Rokua, the beautiful beaches in Kalajoki and the Liminka area, which attracts birdwatchers from around the world. In the Kainuu region, Ukkohalla and Vuokatti offer activities and experiences in nature and are quickly and easily accessible from Oulu.

Warmly welcome to Oulu, the capital of the North! Come and give me a hug!
– Bobby

More information about Oulu and Oulu area you will find from websites:

Visit Oulu


Ps. Huge thanks belongs to Marcos Katz for capturing these amazing pictures from Oulu!