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FULL STEAM AHEAD – Featuring world famous snow sculptors!

Posted 5/1/2018

We've just published our 2nd media release of Baltic Snow Call -event. The teams have been chosen for this international snow sculpting contest and it's really happening: TOP PROFESSIONAL SNOW SCULPTORS from 10 different countries are coming here, TO NALLIKARI, OULU, FINLAND!! All of the teams represent the top tier of their respective countries and are renowned in international competitions around the world. They are all very skilled and include some of the world’s best snow sculptors.

Team Sweden – Snow Flow: "4wheel drive" (detail), Breckenridge 2017 – 2nd Jury prizeTeam Sweden – Snow Flow: "4wheel drive" (detail), Breckenridge 2017 – 2nd Jury prize

The event, held in Nallikari, Oulu is sought after also within many top sculptors – the event marks the first international snow sculpting competition in Finland in decades. Each participating team is introduced here in the event's website. The introductions include the team itself, their history, merits and their thoughts before the Baltic Snow Call. On the page are also team introductions as well as pictures from previous sculptures.

On the background of BSC we all have been working hard and everyone is running at their full capacity – doing their best and more to make this event super-hyper-uber-mega-excellent experience! For example Ulla, our Master of Marketing, is so excited ((can't stay in her pants anymore)) – she even wrote an article about how she feels of all this snow craziness! A strong recommendation: Learn some Finnish and read it – at least check out those amazing snow art pictures we've got from the teams.

One more thing. This event would not be possible without our great partners!

Now when our teams has been published, next it's time to bring our partners to the limelight. We have already started to introduce our partners at our Facebook page and there's more to come. A growing group of our Partners can be found also here on this website. Restaurants, accommodations, printing houses, a bus company, light art professionals, marketing specialists, etc – and of course our main sponsors from City of Oulu. Thank you for going along with us!

So. If you want to become our partner too: this is for you, don't hesitate to contact us.

Let's make this together!

All the best, BSC Team