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Crazy people need Crazy Station!

Posted 25/1/2018

Even though we don't take ourselves too seriously, as an event organizer we need street-credible clothes and stuff! Choosing the clothes can be... well, such an interesting process when every-one has their own opinion, favorite color and point-of-view. Luckily there's professionals like Crazy Station!

Hey Mrs CAT driver, let me in...

As every seriously taken event organizer, also we need to have decent outfits. As you can think, dozen opinions! Half are guys, half are girls and all of them have a taste of their own! This seemed to be the hardest decision of all – what shall we wear?! A west it should be, but what kind of west? How about color? Blue? Black? White? NOOOO, NOT WHITE!! We would not stick out from the snow – and think, how all the hot-chocolate and red wine on the chest looks like…

Well, our Miss Marketing had a solution. Just turn to professional and let they choose! Crazy Station is a specialist for printing textiles – from one specific to hundreds of pieces. It took only a minute, that right west was found, thanks to Eetta, Mrs. Crazy Station. Good looking, suits for boys and girls, breathing material, has pockets and our logo looks good on it! And at the same time, we gave up – white beanie with blue print matches perfectly, says Eetta. So we have something blue, something white and… well, something borrowed yellow! Let's see how it goes with the white beanies, if we still manage to hit our drinks to the mouth, not to the head...

From plan to action!

Miss Design sent a logo to Crazy Station and we got a draft, how it looks for real. After so much conversation (read: arguing), draft made us completely sure – this is it! After few days we got a package with these very nice wests and beanies with reasonable price!

Thank you our Crazy partner! There is no one like you!

PS. If you need business gifts or textiles with prints – just ask from Crazy Station!