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Cancellation & Happy endings – TEAM UNIVERSUM!

Posted 24/2/2018

Just two days before the start of the contest we received bad news from Team Lithuania – some of their members were unable to travel to Oulu and they couldn’t find new members in time. Of course we felt disappointed about it and sorry for them, but as usual, we decided to not to fall in despair. Let’s see what is to come!

Team Universum! Photo by Sami Hänninen.Team Universum! Photo by Sami Hänninen.

We slept over the night just to find a message from our inbox from Ulrike – Austrian sculptor, who’s currently living here in Oulu Finland.

“Hei Snow Call people! I know we are very late, just following your event... Is it still possible to join you and give us a big pile of snow? We would love also to join you. Would be an awesome challenge!”

Ulrike Sarome, Austrian sculptor, currently living in Oulu. Photo by Sami Hänninen.Ulrike Sarome, Austrian sculptor, currently living in Oulu. Photo by Sami Hänninen.

We called to Ulrike right away and told there actually is one free cube and because of the very limited time we could not get a compensatory team from far away. There still was some problems to solve: Ulrike’s original teammates pulled back and she had to find someone else! We contacted some of our sculpting friends but they had no chance to join the contest with such short notice.

“I had a dream..."

Suddenly Anna remembered Saara – her neighbor who has skills and enthusiasm for snow sculpting! She has artistic background and she had been doing some sparkling snow sculpting together with Anna back in the winter days. And she is always up to crazy things! So, we took a call for her and got an unbelievable answer:

“I had a dream last night that I was sculpting at Baltic Snow Call! So, I guess it means I must come!” told Saara and informed her boss she has some greater things to do for the rest of the week!

Saara, the dreamer. Photo by Sami Hänninen.Saara, the dreamer. Photo by Sami Hänninen.

Tuesday evening we still were not sure who would be their third member, but we had a strong trust for Universum! When the Wednesday morning dawned on sunny & crispy Ulrike had found the last member for them: her neighbour Erkki was brave enough to accept the challenge and grab the snow shovel!

Erkki the neighbor. Photo by Sami Hänninen.Erkki the neighbor. Photo by Sami Hänninen.

So was this multinational TEAM UNIVERSE born!

We are happy you join in the Baltic Snow Call Ulrike Sarome, Saara Pouta & Erkki Haverinen from Austria & Finland!