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Baltic Snow Call 2018 High-class Jury!

Posted 25/2/2018

Today is the Awards Ceremony day of the first annual Baltic Snow Call! Our Jury has been working here in Nallikari Oulu Finland since Friday. Last night they saw lightened sculptures in the night when our sculpture area turned to an amazing Winter Art Park in cooperaton with LUMO Light Festival Oulu. This morning they continued working also to see sculptures in daylight.

In the following we are introducing our Baltic Snow Call Jury 2018 lead by Juhani Lillberg from AISNG. Lillberg also acts as a patron of Baltic Snow Call.

BSC 2018 Jury: Antti Tenetz, Juhani Lillberg, Nina Heikkonen, Ricky Sandberg. 5th member of the jury Matti Vaskimo is missing from the picture! Photo Sami Hänninen.BSC 2018 Jury: Antti Tenetz, Juhani Lillberg, Nina Heikkonen, Ricky Sandberg. 5th member of the jury Matti Vaskimo is missing from the picture! Photo Sami Hänninen.

Juhani Lillberg

Juhani Lillberg (born 1943) is the President of International Association of Snow and Ice Sculpture (AISNG).

Mr. Lillberg does not only have a long judging and organising experience of international snow and ice sculpture competitions, but he has also competed as a sculptor, winning prizes at various international snow, ice and wood carving competitions. His team won the first Olympic Snow Sculpture Contest in Calgary in 1988.  He has been after Calgary Games involved in the cultural programs of all Winter Olympics as the judge and organiser of the Olympic snow and ice sculpture contests.

Juhani Lillberg is the board member of the Finland-China Society and the chairman of the Finland-Japan Friendship Society, honorary member of Hokkaido-Finland Society, lifetime honorary member of the National Ice Carving Association, USA and the Ikitalvi Snow Sculpting Association, Finland.

Mr. Lillberg is the founder Arctic Centre, Finland. After founding the University of Lapland, too, he worked there thirty years as the director of administration. He has been a visiting lecturer at Harbin Institute of Technology 2016-2018. Lillberg is beside of sculpting an active writer and researcher. The fields of his interest are the winter art, the developing of tourism and the social and cultural aspects of Olympic Games.

Nina Heikkonen

Nina Heikkonen is an art historian focused on environmental culture issues. She works as a program manager at the Alvar Aalto Academy, where she is responsible for international events, research, further education and publishing related to contemporary architecture and design.

Since 1980's, Heikkonen has also participated as an artist, judge and organizer to numerous snow and ice sculpture competitions and other environmental art events all around the world.

Ricky Sandberg

Ricky Sandberg is the manager of Havremagasinet International Art Gallery in Boden since 2009. Havremagasinet is one of the biggest Art Galleries in Sweden. He has 4 years of art studies at Sunderby's art line behind him and since 1987 he has worked full time as an artist and organizer of several art projects. As an artist he has a lot of group and separate exhibitions behind him, a majority of them abroad.

Among the major events he is the project manager of, are the Luleå Winter Biennal (former Luleå ARcTic Festival), Europe's largest winter festival organized since 1991 until 2006, Out of the Water, Barents Multicultural Performance, performed at the Norrbotten Theater, Breaking the Ice in Stockholm and Rovaniemi city Theater.

He has also participated in a variety of sculpture events internationally and has received numerous awards such as Gold Medal at the Olympic Arts Festival in Albertville, 1st prize at the International Snowsculpture Contest in Italy and 2nd prize at the US International Snowsculpture Contest.

Antti Tenetz

Antti Tenetz is a visual artist living here in Oulu Finland. Tenetz's works are situated at the 
interface between media arts, activism, bio arts and urban art and 
his works and cooperation projects have been exhibited in Finland
and internationally.

He is a founding member of subzero group and he leads public art purchase committee, is member
 of board of Northern Osthrobotnia Cultural Fund and was Chair of 
board of Finnish bio art society 2011-2013.

Tenetz has been one of the founders and head of
 curatorial team for Finnish Cultural Foundations Pohjavirta project. At the moment he works as a regional artist of biological arts for Art
 Promotion Centre of Finland.

He has alongside of personal artwork lead company and team specialized 
to design, create and produce big winter-art works sometimes embed with 
media elements like interactive video and sound, snow hotel interiors,
 tv-sets and event desings to well established national and international

Tenetz is a champion and medalist in national snow sculpting competitions.

Matti Vaskimo

Matti Vaskimo is an artisan and a designer from Vihti, Finland. He is a founder of Ikitalvi, a union of ice and snow carvers and member of Ragnarök Snow Sculpting Team. Matti got 10 years of experience of arctic arts and he has judging snow contests since 2014.

Matti lives at his mansion with his companion and swarm of cats. He like to spent time with miniature models and thinking.