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Nallikari - The island full of fun year-around

Nallikari's location close to nature facilitates a variety of activities all year round. In summer, the sun embraces guests day and night. Nallikari, also known as the Riviera of the North, attracts guests with its beach life and events. In mid-winter one can enjoy the blue afternoon light – and sometimes you can see the Northern Lights above the frozen sea. The frozen sea is a delight for ice-fishing enthusiasts and hikers. With the spring sunshine, skiers and windsurfers find their way onto the ice too. In autumn the wilderness tracks, bird-watching towers, and campfires attract hikers of all ages. Just a walk on the ice of the Bothnic Sea is something that a foreign visitor will remember forever!

Oulu city centre is only three kilometers by foot and four kilometers by car. You can easily walk along pedestrian routes through islands and the river delta. This route will introduce you to the most beautiful sights of the Oulu area from the city centre to Nallikari beach next to the Bothnic Sea.

Nallikari Holiday Village

In Nallikari Holiday Village, the Great Outdoors begin at your doorstep. Nallikari Holiday Village is a year-round holiday resort just a stone's throw away from the centre of Oulu. Nallikari Holiday Village offers a variety of accommodation options to choose from for every day of the year. The Holiday Village is located in the best spot by the famous Nallikari Beach and all accommodation types are within walking distance of the beach. Pooki Cottages and Poiju Villas in Nallikari Holiday Village are available all year round.
New Poiju Villas are located conveniently for daylight and sunshine to shine on the patio all year round. Poiju Villas are modern and built in the traditional island cottage style. Large windows allow nature to enter the rooms. All villas have a kitchen, a dining space, a sauna, two bedrooms, a living-room area, an open fireplace and a large patio.

Welcome to Nallikari Holiday Village!

Nallikari Winter Village

Winter Village is full of action for families and children from February to April. Besides all the action, Winter Village has 10th anniversary and it is an excellent place to get familiar building with snow and ice. Nallikari Winter Village has been a venue for many events, such as Nallikari Winter Beach Volley, Lumikaaos snow sculpting event, Tour de Liukuri, Puppet theatre, a snowman building competition and much more. Nallikari Winter Village is right next to Baltic Snow Call 2018.


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