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Baltic Snow Call 2018 - Contest Outline

1. Time and Place
Contest will be held at February 21th to 25th, 2018 at Nallikari, Oulu Finland.

2. Participating Teams
BSC organisation invites ten teams from Baltic Sea region: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Russia. The organisation may summon a compensatory team if all countries are not to be represented. Each invited team must fill the Application Form before 21.11.2017 in order to be accepted to the contest.

3. Team Introduction
All teams are obliged to sent a promotional picture of the team (artists or logo) and a short introduction of the team. We also would like all teams to sent at least two pictures of their favourite former works. The teams should send the promotional material before 21.12.2017. The introduction and pictures will be displayed on BSC webpage and social media.

4. Sculpture Title, Inscription and Sketch
Each team shall submit the title, inscription, and sketch of its sculpture to the BSC organisers before 21.1.2018. There is no theme, but the sculpture design should be as unique as possible. The sketches will be set on display at BSC webpage and social media.

5. Contest Rules
5.1. A snow block with dimensions of 3m×3m×3m will be made available by the BSC organisation and they will be assigned to each team by the lottery at the start of the event.
The work has to be finished within the given time and all surfaces have to be worked out.  The pedestal of the statue can be made, but it’s not necessary.
5.2. Usage of any reinforcing materials or ice will not be allowed. The teams are permitted to use the specified tap water only if sherbet-like snow is needed. The finishing should be made with snow.
5.3. Use of paint and other coloring materials will not be allowed.
5.4. Working Hours: Feb. 21th from 14:00 to 20:00 and 22th-24th from 8:00 to 20:00. Altogether approximately 40 hours. BSC organisation holds the rights to make small changes to the timetables, this will always be settled in advance at Team Meeting.
5.5. Each team will be provided with the following tools: 2 shovels, 2 buckets, 3 pairs of rubber gloves, 1 ladder, 1 snow scoop, and 1 scaffold. Other specialized crafting tools are responsibility of each team. Usage of electric or power tools will not be allowed. The lighting equipment will be set up at Saturday evening in the end of the contest and the teams will be able to adjust them.
5.6. Assistance by non-registered members will not be allowed. However, a registered member may be changed if consulted with BSC organisation.
5.7. A change in the registered design of the statue is prohibited. However, the design may be changed when there is a risk of collapse due to the weather conditions and when consulted with BSC organisation.

6. Safety Guidelines
If a sculpture is judged to be at risk of collapse by the BSC organisers, regardless of whether during construction or upon completion, the safety of visitors will be put first and part or all of the statue will be demolished. All sculptors work on their own responsibility and should have insurance for accidents.

7. Team Meetings
The Team Meeting shall be established only when the BSC organisers requires to discuss some specific issues, like timetables or rules. However the teams may also ask for a meeting to be arranged. After discussion or vote with the teams, the final decision is made by the BSC organisation. Team Meetings will be chaired by Janne Andberg.

8. Judgement
Judging will start during the contest and judges may freely move on the sculpting site.
The final judgement will be done after saturday evening when the contest is finished.
Judging Criterias are 1. Artistry: The Big Picture, 2. Creativity: Originality and idea,
3. Unity: Team co-operation, 4. Technique and usage of snow. The ranking is determined by the criterias mentioned above. The sculpture will not be considered by the judges when the BSC organisators determines there is a collapse or the statue are demolished for the safety reasons. Jury of five judges will be chaired by Juhani Lillberg.

9. Awards
The awards ceremony will be held on Sunday, February 25th, 12:00. The best three teams will be awarded by the Jury of Judges with a trophy and a financial compensation.

10. Copyright and Portrait Rights
When team submits an application for the Baltic Snow Call, the team agrees that the photographs of team members and their sculpture may be used for public relations activities by the BSC organisation.

11. Expenses and Accommodation
The BSC organisation will arrange accommodation for three participants for the period between the team’s arrival and departure from Oulu, from February 21th to 25th 2018 (4 nights) and an allowance of 200 € shall be given to each international sculptor at contest briefing. The accommodation is located at Nallikari Holiday Village, right next to the contest site.

However, if any participant does not stay at the accommodation assigned by the BSC organisation, the participant shall bear the accommodation fees. BSC organisation arranges meals and warm drinks for participants during the event. If participants want to stay extra nights or bring supporting personnel, they will bear the cost themselves.  

We will sent a second informative package for accepted applicants at December.
Any questions about the application or the contest can be sent to: janne(a)

Important dates

21.11.2017    Deadline for contest application
21.12.2017    Deadline for promotional material
21.01.2018    Deadline for sculpture design
21.-25.2.2018    Baltic Snow Call 2018


Downloadable files for Sculptors

Invitation letter / Contest Outline