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Team Interview

Team Introduction & promotion material

We will present all teams of Baltic Snow Call to the public in advance. So bring on your assets and make them know you!

As mentioned in the rules, all teams are obliged to send a promotional picture of the team (artists or logo) and a short introduction of the team. We also would like all teams to sent at least two pictures of their favourite former works. Please note, in order to participate in the competition, teams must submit promotional material in time: Deadline for promotional material is 20.12.2018.

The introduction and pictures will be displayed on BSC webpage and social media before the competition: we'll represent all teams of Baltic Snow Call events on our web-page, so represent your team well and in-time.

Please answer following questions using the form below or by e-mail.

Send your all promotional material straight to our AD:

1. Introduction
Tell us about your team; who are you and where do you come from?

2. Team History
How long have you worked together and what are your team’s greatest achievements?

3. About Snow Sculpting
How did you end up carving snow and what is best in snow sculpting?

4. What do you expect from Baltic Snow Call?

5. Website address (if you have)

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