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Sketch & lights

Sculpture title, sketch and inscription

Sculpture title, sketch and inscription should be sent at 21.1.2018 to our AD, Anna. These will be presented at our web-page and Facebook.

The sketch can be a ruff one by pencil, picture of a model or even 3D drawing. Please fit your picture(s) on A4-size and send jpg or pdf file by e-mail.

Inscription should be around 10-40 words in English. You can send inscription using this form or send it by e-mail.


I will take care of this part. Please note, I will roger your post – if don't; please try again!

Anna, AD

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Work lights & Color sheets

All teams will have two work lights at their use during the contest. These are clear 50W led-lights and they can be moved at the work area by the teams. After the contest we will equip the lights with color sheets of your choice. You can choose altogether 4 sheets from red, blue and yellow sheets.

For example:
Team 1. chooses one blue, one yellow and two red sheets to create green and deep red lights.
Team 2. chooses two yellow and one red to create light yellow and orange lights.


If you have something to ask about these lighting things, I'm the right person to answer you!

Janne, Head of the Contest and more

Fields marked with * are required.